Be Still – maybe not what you thought?

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Just Me
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No matter how hard I try, I find it so difficult to simply “be still.” I know I’ve blogged on this before but I’m here again questioning the meaning. Digging deeper….
He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth.” Ps. 46:10
Even as I read the words, “Be still”, I find my mind racing to other things I need to do, my week, etc. Is it the same as be quiet? Well, as I began researching the actual context of this verse I came to a better understanding and wanted to share it with you in case you also misunderstood.
“This psalm encourages us to hope and trust in God, and his power, and providence, and gracious presence with his church in the worst of times, and directs us to give him the glory of what he has done for us and what he will do: probably it was penned upon occasion of David’s victories over the neighboring nations (2 Samuel 8:1-18), and the rest which God gave him from all his enemies round about. We are here taught, I. To take comfort in God when things look very black and threatening, Psalm 46:1-5. II. To mention, to his praise, the great things he had wrought for his church against its enemies, Psalm 46:6-9. III. To assure ourselves that God who has glorified his own name will glorify it yet again, and to comfort ourselves with that, Psalm 46:10,11. We may, in singing it, apply it either to our spiritual enemies, and be more than conquerors over them, or to the public enemies of Christ’s kingdom in the world and their threatening insults, endeavoring to preserve a holy security and serenity of mind when they seem most formidable. It is said of Luther that, when he heard any discouraging news, he would say, Come let us sing the forty-sixth psalm.” (Matthew Henry’s Commentary)
So, even though I know there is a better verse to emphasize the importance of being still as in quiet and listening to God, this is not the one for that meaning. Now when I hear someone cite this verse, I’ll think of the original intent and feel comforted & strengthened as I experience hope in the truth of these words of the Psalmist. I think, for me anyway, it was because I unintentionally only heard the first part of that verse: “Be still” and I disregarded the rest “and know that I am God” – that part alone is strength, courage, hope and assurance I can take with me through anything! Just re-emphasizing the importance of scripture context and my attempt to understanding it better.


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