The end of another chapter~

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Just Me
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stock-footage-vintage-book-with-golden-pages-turning-on-black-backgroundPrayers for direction & wisdom can often times end in a few tears & the end of one chapter in life, even if it is what’s best.
Today marks the end of another chapter of our lives. It’s surreal but reality has forced us into this position.

Tonight, we – our business partners/childhood friends, my husband & I – decided to dissolve our part time business with each other. We all knew it was coming but I think none of us wanted to actually say it until we were just basically forced to accept reality. It hit us all, smack dab in the face! A, once upon a time, dream between 2 childhood friends and their wives, has come to an end. I didn’t know the tears would come a few hours later but it’s hard to fight them now. It’s not a matter of feeling like failures or even a matter of differences. It’s just a matter of fact and that’s the hardest part I think. It’s another one of those things we just have to accept because no matter what we do, it won’t change it or the reality. But something about this business & friendship is that it’s always been between Christian friends who love God first & have always wanted what He wanted for us, our friendship & our business. So, after months of praying for wisdom & direction it was unanimous, I believe, that we would close this chapter of our lives & simply accept the reality of what we had, what God allowed for us through this business & be thankful for the great memories & time together, trying to build a dream. Not everyone out there can say that they actually had the courage to go for their dream. We put up a great fight & endured during some very difficult times. It lasted over 7 years; not all prosperous but we gave it our best!
Maybe it’s because there is a sense of loss. Not like losing a game but grieving a loss so I can understand the tears. We know this is what’s right & we agree that God is telling us to do this now but it will take a little time to grieve then move on.
So, when you pray to God, asking for direction & wisdom, take comfort in knowing that if He brings something to an end, it’s only because He knows what’s around the corner. It doesn’t mean we failed; simply that we turned the page. Not to wear out the cliche’s but they fit & they help me to see that there can still be a happy ending in spite of all the losses we’ve suffered personally in the past 7 years – Losing a house, a job, a lifelong friendship, family & friends, & now our p/t business.
I thought of a verse that brings some peace & comfort as I really grasp the finality of it all…
“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning” (Ps. 30:5)…even if “the morning” doesn’t come for a while later.


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