~Bones make up “The Body”…Ezekiel & “The Body of Christ”~

Posted: January 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Remember the old song: “The toe bone connected to the heel bone…”? While reading a section of my husband’s devotional, (Stand Firm, Jan. 2013), this morning I read about this old song and a passage of scripture in Ezekiel. It really spoke to me because of the recent resignation of our church pastor and thinking of the body of Christ. There are several verses to go to about the body of Christ, the unity of believers, the command to love others and all be of one mind but I never really considered this passage (Ezekiel 37:1-10) until now.

Allow me to refresh your memory: as this specific devotional explains it is good – “It’s based on an amazing Old Testament story of Ezekiel’s account of the Lord setting him down in the middle of a valley full of old, dry bones. God gave Ezekiel a message that brought those bones back to life. That’s right. God put dead bones back together with new tendons, new muscles, new breath, and new blood, again functioning as one body.”

That description of the body of Christ was, although maybe a bit gross to think about, a very good illustration of how God is able to breath life back into a church also. Where once people were maybe hurt, broken, “dead” – God can heal & put the pieces back together. God can bring life and unity to the body of Christ where, perhaps, discord & loss of hope now seem to exist.

Just as Ezekiel had a role to play in this restoration and was asked to obey God, we, as a body of Christ, have a role to play in the present day restoration of the body of Christ. We, too, have to obey God by (1) humbly recognizing our place in the body of Christ, (2) acknowledging God as the head of the body & not us, (3) showing love, forgiveness & grace to the rest of the body, (4) confessing, repenting & wanting what God wants – restoration of the body of Christ. Until we are willing to participate & obey then there will continue to be hypocrisy, clique’s, discord, & the body of Christ will not receive the blessings God has in store for us. The body of Christ will remain as these “dead bones” and the life that He wants to provide to this body, as a union of believers, will not be experienced. The reputation of the body will continue to diminish and the outside world won’t be interested in anything we have to say, even though from God.

We, as the body, have responsibilities to the lost. It may seem like a huge burden but people watch us-even people IN the body, along side of us. People aren’t interested in our sermons and Bible lessons if we’re not “practicing what we’re preaching.” They expect to come to us to get love, forgiveness and to see Christ in us. When the body isn’t even showing it to each other, the outside world is gradually giving up ever finding it.

I know I’ve taken this blog all different directions but the hope I received by the Stand Firm devotional is this:

Just as God breathed life & unity back to the dry & dead bones in Ezekiel’s day

Just as Ezekiel chose to participate & to obey God

God brought restoration where there seemed no hope & no life.


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