Reaching into the darkness…

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Just Me
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I see you running, in all directions: crying, screaming, confused – asking why?

I reach for you in the darkness but I can’t seem to get you to reach for me.

The light all around me shows you where I am but you still strain to grab hold.

The evil surrounds you and pulls you every which way deceiving you as you run.

I hate watching you spiral into the darkness deeper and deeper.

I know you can see the light. I know you can feel its warmth. Why won’t you come this way!

There are so many in the darkness, with you, pulling you with their lies.

They promise to numb your pain, to walk you through but your pain won’t go away….it’s still there when you wake…

still in the darkness….

Your heart is in pieces, your spirit is broken, the emptiness can only be filled by One!

You’re in danger! You’re scared, mad, sad and lonely even with all the others joining you in that great darkness!

Hurry! Before it’s too late, RUN TO THE LIGHT! You’re falling fast and I’m afraid I won’t be able to ever reach you again if you don’t try….

One day there will be no more darkness for me to see but will you be with me in the light? Will you be safe from that darkness too?

You choose to stay there; I don’t understand why.  You choose to hide, to run, to beat yourself up – it scares me!

If only you could see from my perspective! If only you could know where that darkness leads! I’m begging you to take one small step toward the light – PLEASE!

I couldn’t sleep last night because visions of you – the darkness – the evil – the fear of where it’s taking you – wouldn’t leave my mind!

My tears won’t save you! My heart, full of love for you, won’t pull you out! My words won’t grab hold of you and yank you out, safe on this side!

I hate the evil in this world but the father of evil, Satan, is working throughout this world and he has so many followers – willing to do his work! He is who is to blame, not God! He is who used that evil person to take your friend that sad day! Yeah, choices were made that were wrong but still the evil lies with the one who held that gun, not God! He wants to help you heal! He wants to save you and give you happiness, true happiness! Leaving this world one day will be an option but it’s not yours! It’s His timing! He still has a purpose for you on this earth! I can pray! He can do so much more for you than I can! Please come back! Please let Him! I’m begging you to let Him save you from this darkness you’re running through right now! You can’t escape the hurt that way! You have to allow yourself to feel, allow yourself to be helped and allow yourself to live! I’m here for you and you know you have access to me anytime you need me – please reach out! Love you Sweet A


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