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Posted: December 26, 2010 in Just Me, Uncategorized
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Jeremiah 29:11 (click on picture)

Not sure how to begin but I do know it sure feels good to be blogging through clear eyes instead of from a heavy heart! Let me just start by saying that we had a most amazing Christmas! There were so many reasons why but the most important is because we saw God’s hand in our move, we felt His love all around us, and we know this is right where He wants us, right now, in our lives.

I guess that once we accepted that we were losing our home we automatically let go of it completely. Each time we go over to pack more items it feels as if we’re in someone else’s house, at least to me anyway. We continue to feel more at home in our new home. Sure all the boxes are suffocating us and there is no room for every detail of our lives but it’s going to be home soon.

I actually haven’t cried in quite a few days so that’s a huge improvement. My husband is having so many mixed emotions from all of this. Although he feels extremely blessed and thankful, there’s something he can’t quite put his finger on that’s still bothering him. Why do I bring this up? Probably because I feel like I have to fix it for him. But then I realized today that he has to let God bring him through this, not me. I can pray for him and that will do more than I can!

The kids are already more than used to the new house and settled in. They were so happy and surprised by what was supposed to be a hard and little Christmas. They were a little spoiled I have to say:) No, not by just us but they have family and friends and even anonymous friends who loved on them and us so much this Christmas!

We continue to remain in awe of God’s provisions, how He meets our needs, how He has generously given us even our wants and how He has held our hands through all of this. It was so hard not to be able to be around family this holiday! It was great to be able to see them in pictures though. It made me feel closer somehow and we did get to talk on the phone.

Enough rambling for now…..there are so many things I don’t want to forget about this time in our lives….yes, I would love to forget the sadness, the hurt, the anger but I want to remember the family and friends who were there for us and continue to stay close by, I want to remember the details that God brought into place, the attitude of my children, the love of our heavenly Father who was and is very present in our lives!

It’s kind of funny how we’ve noticed some improvements in this little house of ours as opposed to our other dream house. So, even though the microwave won’t fit under the kitchen cabinets, the cats don’t have their nighttime bedroom in the in-house laundry room anymore, we have to take dibs on the one bathroom now, I share a closet with my daughter, my son is sleeping temporarily on the couch since his bed won’t fit, the frig barely holds eggs let alone a grocery trip, I have to wear gloves and a parka to go outside to do the laundry, the office is now combined with the living room/storage of 200 boxes, & the house needs painted (to name just some of the changes), we do have so much to be thankful for.

If you would like to pray for some specifics for me and my family, may I be so bold as to suggest some detailed prayer requests? Pray for the small details – the organization of our stuff, patience while trying to find those places, tolerance of each other in the smallness of this home, pray that God brings us even closer to each other, that He continues to provide for our needs, that He’ll heal my back or provide a better bed for me to rest when I sleep, pray for Scott while at work – his safety, his strength, his rest at night, his acceptance of this situation and his peace of mind. Pray that we are content where we are and that we continue to give God all the glory, all the praise because He is an amazing Father to us! Pray for peace in my family because Satan loves to try to get between us! Pray for our kids to continue to be healthy and their tolerance of each other. Thank Him, on our behalf, for all He means to us and He’s done for us! We are so unworthy but He never lets go of us! Our church family, pastor and his wife are a Godsend to us and we have come to love them like we loved our former church family and pastor – something we didn’t think possible! Their hearts for us have gotten us through so much of the rough stuff since Scott lost his job in 2008. They allow us to be so transparent and they don’t hesitate to love on us or just let us cry when we needed to. I never want to trade in the blessings of this hard time for all the easy and do it alone’s in the world. We’ve needed every part of it and every person who’s been there for us & with us!

The truly amazing part is this:  I’m actually thankful that God allowed us to lose our home and that God brought us to this house! Isn’t that unbelievable? The other day I was over at our “dream home” and just had to stop and thank Him! I got here sooner this time than the other times in the past! I know I’m growing spiritually and that makes it all worth it! The most important thing I want to remember from all of this is just that – God will always bring us through and it always turns out better than we imagined! He is always faithful! Just sayin’….


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