God’s People

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Just Me
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I got a phone call a while ago. I don’t usually have my cell phone on during the weekends but just happened to and Scott heard it ring. But we missed the call. It just happened to be one of the ladies from church. She and I really got to know each other while at youth camp in June. She and  her husband were on their way over to make a delivery. I knew she was going to bless me with some home made laundry detergent but had no idea just how big a blessing they would turn out to deliver! They hauled in meat by the tons, all kinds, green beans, cake, rolls, the list goes on. We were so overwhelmed!

See, we’re still having a rough time trying to hold onto our home and get out of the pit of Scott losing his job for 14 months. It’s not been an easy task, nor have we actually made it to the other side yet! We’re getting there but every time we go 1 step forward, it’s 3 steps back. You know how that goes!

Anyway, we had also gotten some pantry type food from another wonderful couple we know who had extra canned goods and snacks for the kids “but  no meat”. Isn’t it amazing how God uses His people to provide for us who love Him and depend on Him to provide? (sorry for the redundancy) A verse that means so much to me, there are so many these days but this one fits:  Galations 6:2 (KJV)  “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.”  And God’s people have really allowed Him to use them to minister to us, bless us with more than just food, but that’s a huge blessing too, and befriend us! We are just so thankful that they take His Word serious and literal when they’ve helped us carry this burden, this very hard part of our journey and been there for us in so many ways! Can’t wait till we can be on the other side, helping someone else, like they’ve helped us, today!

We love you guys!  God bless you as you have blessed us!

  1. Niki Canada says:

    I had no idea! We will be praying! Its hard when you have kids or in my case one kid and money is tight. Keep trusting in god he will provide Im learning that more an more everyday!

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