Thanks for Just Today!

Posted: November 26, 2009 in Uncategorized
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I know, strange title but if you’re familiar with what we’ve been through, you will understand the ability to say “thanks” is obedience to God’s Word where He says to “give thanks in all things”. So, no I’m not being ungrateful, just living in the moment of today and enjoying the blessings He’s given us and how faithful He’s been in sustaining us! This is actual progress if you think about the fact that we were living second to second, then moment to moment, so day to day is moving closer to where we should be. We will dream again about our futures. We will look forward to things again. We are experiencing hope again just not looking too far out in the distance, staying right here, just today! That’s great to us, believe me!
Some times when we have family devotions, the kids ask to go around and do our little “give thanks through the abc’s” and it can get be somewhat of a challenge. We start with “a” and that person has to name something that begins with “a” that they’re thankful for, even if it’s a little difficult. Think about some of the letters. It can get really hysterical but mostly the kids are serious and very thankful. Sometimes something comes to mind that we don’t normally consider and it’s a real eye opener. It’s a great reminder of all the blessings God has provided for us! So, today, when you’re filling your bellies, we will be for sure, remember everything, every little and big detail of your blessings and Have an amazing THANKFUL THANKSGIVING! Our God is so Good all the time! Then become as restful as a stuffed slug deserves to be for Just Today! God bless all of you!


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