Tuscany in the Fall

Posted: November 22, 2009 in Just Me, Uncategorized
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Wow! It’s Fall already and it’s amazingly beautiful out here! God is quite the artist! I love this time of the year, It’s my favorite! Scott and I were talking about how we can’t believe it’s already mid November – where did the month go?
The title of this blog came from my daydreams the other day. While watching a sweet little love story on Lifetime, actually something worth watching that day, one of the guy characters was asked for his favorite destination. He replied “Tuscany in the Fall”. I immediately started dreaming. Scott and I have always favored the vineyard type style of wallpaper, pictures, etc. for our kitchen and dining room because of the feeling we get when we view Italian set villas, couples sipping on wine, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company, quite romantic to say the least.
I instantly felt relaxed and distracted, which I needed. See we may be at the lighted part of our tunnel and be filled with hope but we’re still struggling and fighting to get out of the pit our journey dug for us! The work is steady – Praise God! The hours are long. Our Heavenly Father continues to sustain us and is so amazingly faithful! We are so blessed yet continuously tired, rushed, angry, sad, all of it, the feelings flood over us on a regular basis. But on Sunday, there was a calm, a peace, and it was so easy to escape into my daydream. God knew I needed that – all of it! (Scott did too, needed it, that is.)
All knowing as He is, I trust He will deliver many more daydreams and even some doses of amazing reality as we continue to pull ourselves out and rely on Him for our strength! Looking forward to being all the way over there on the other side but never forgetting how He carried us through!


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