The Other Side? I think!

Posted: October 2, 2009 in Just Me
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cast your cares2It’s been quite a journey – 14 months to be more specific. I’m not sure I can get through this part of it but I have to share the hope, the faithfulness of our Father and the trust for Him to continue sustaining us on this side too! Why do I call it “the other side”? Well, my husband was finally called this past month, September 22nd, for a full time job. Yes, go ahead and celebrate with us, take a moment to praise God with us and thank Him for His perfect timing! He is an awesome God!

I don’t think it’s hit really! He just got his first paycheck, shouldn’t it by now? I don’t know what’s normal anymore. The tears still come but they’re not full of hurt and sadness. The heavyness and overwhelming feelings are still there but they’re sitting along side of HOPE now! The fear has been replaced with TRUST and constant reminders of His promises to us. The lack of trust in man has been replaced with the assurance of God’s LOVE and His name: Jehovah Jireh – “The Lord will provide!” Jehovah Jireh – “The Lord will be seen!”
“God’s infinite provision is always GREATER than our finite problems.”

Just like in the Bible story about Abraham and the sacrifice of his son: “As he climbed Mount Moriah with his son, Abraham was confident that God would meet every need. On what could Abraham depend?
He certainly could not depend on his feelings, for there must have been terrible pain within as he contemplated slaying his son on the altar. He loved his only son, but he also loved his God and wanted to obey Him. Nor could Abraham depend on other people. Sarah was at home, and the two servants who accompanied him were back at the camp. We thank God for friends and family members who can help us carry our burdens, but there are some trials in life that we must face alone. It is only then that we can see what our Father really can do for us! Abraham could depend on the promise and provision of the Lord.”

So… because this is already lengthy and I could go on for days…maybe another day: let me leave this piece of advice to you for your journey: seek God’s will, wait (the hardest part), trust God’s promises and expect His provision because of your obedience. It’s His promise, have faith in the faithful Heavenly Father! Thank you so much Lord for ALL you’ve done, for this journey and for never leaving us to go through any of it alone! I can tell right now, there will be more because the overwhelming feeling of thanks and praise won’t allow me to remain silent! He is truly the BEST!!!

  1. Candy says:

    Prayers in INK~ I am so glad that he is showing you his enormous LOVE…know that you are on my heart daily….Happiness my friend~

  2. Kim Darnell says:

    Wow! What a journey! It is amazing how it’s so easy to put our hope in man thinking that maybe this person is going to help us get out of this situation…or maybe this thing will be the answer that we’ve been looking for. And it’s always only HIM.

    I’m really glad we don’t know what’s going to happen to us before it happens. Just think about if you had known it would be 14 long months, then you would have focused on the time rather than the important things you took away from it all. I know that I wouldn’t want to go back and do the last two years over again for anything, but the things Abba taught me through all the struggles and all the difficulties, I might not have learned in 10 years times.

    Really glad you’re on the other side. We’re still on the side where we don’t know where the money is going to come from, and we have enough for today!

    Love you, LeeAnne. Tell Scott congratulations on his job. Enjoy that paycheck!! 🙂

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