Truly a Good God

Posted: June 16, 2009 in Family, Uncategorized
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We have this bad habit of not watching the news that often because of it being so depressing and disheartening but we do tend to listen out for the weather end of it though. I’ll be honest when I say that Friday, June 12th, came by surprise and only after I’d already arrived at work, Scott had gone the opposite direction from home and our 2 kids were at our home “alone”.

We talked by phone once and then they were supposed to call me back a little later. It was only lightly raining at that point but looking a little scary to them. I knew there was nothing I could do from work nor if I were home so I did the best thing I knew: I prayed non-stop for my kids and husband. I didn’t know exactly when he’d be driving back home and I didn’t know what exactly was going on home with my kids. I just kept busy at work! Every time the phone rang, I prayed it was them. The call never came. The power went off at home shortly after we talked. Our phone is electrically charged. (note to self: get another phone)

The lights flickered a little and even went off once at work but we were fine there. It looked pretty bad here and there but finally cleared and the sun came out. I still had not heard from the kids. Scott finally called me and said he’d talked to our neighbor who went over to check on the kids but they didn’t come to the door. I only trusted God that they were playing upstairs and never heard her. She assured us the worst part of the storm was over and the house was fine, just no power. Scott also told me he was perfectly safe and the weather was fine to drive home!

I was somewhat relieved but still wanted to talk to my “babies”.   I completely left them in God’s hands. That was a little hard to this mom who is used to being there with them during the storms and bringing them comfort and assurance. They had each other and they had God! He could take such better care than I could anyway. I let that comfort me! I prayed for distractions for them from the lack of power, for love and peace between them while they entertained each other, for patience and tolerance and mostly for their safety!

I finally arrived home about 3 hours later. God had all of it under control! After checking the kids who were playing, having never heard our neighbor and were excited that the power had just come back on prior to my arrival, I checked the dog outside. Next to his house were 2 huge limbs. I was afraid he had been trapped but he was fine, tail just a waggin’ and safe inside the dog house. Then I walked the property. My heart fell as I approached the side pasture! Leaves, tree branches and limbs were all over our yard. But that was minimal compared to the side pasture. A huge pine tree had uprooted and fell right across the pond, blocking more than half of the width of the pond.  The colt who was in that pasture came charging toward me. I was a little nervous that she was hurt but she wasn’t – just terrified! She walked toward the tree with me and we checked out the miraculous direction it fell – nowhere near her nor the house! It must have made a horrible splash! She didn’t want to leave my side as she jumped at every noise the pond made with frogs.  I couldn’t help but fall to my knees as I took in what could have happened and how God made sure it didn’t this time! See, we’ve had trees fall at 3 different houses with a couple doing some pretty massive damage, in our eyes! Each time God has kept our family safe and this time was no different! When you realize what you could’ve lost – your family – and that you didn’t – your heart can’t help but rejoice, give thanks and praise Him “in the storm”!

That night, my daughter and I got to enjoy a rodeo together and it seemed as if that nightmare of an afternoon had never happened……till the next day during the clean up:) For all of this experience and the end result: We are truly thankful and know firsthand, once again, He is truly a Good God!


The uprooted tree that fell across the pond in the side pasture.

Sweet baby Carey going for a drink of water days later.

Sweet baby Carey going for a drink of water days later.

I always love the "calm after the storm!" Me and my baby girl at the rodeo!

I always love the "calm after the storm!" Me and my baby girl at the rodeo!


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