Be Still and Know that I Am God

Posted: March 3, 2009 in Family
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my little wiggle worm thanks to Lisa Konrad

my little wiggle worm thanks to Lisa Konrad

You know by now that I have this beautiful and very sweet daughter, Kristin, but you may not know how much of a wiggle worm she is! There are some times that I wish she’d just “BE STILL”.  Like during school, dinner, lots of times…..I know she’s my husband’s because of the very same reason (ha!ha!)….he’s always on the move too…not so much lately because he’s had to learn how to “be still”.  About a month ago she was going through one of her wiggly worm episodes and I had to go off by myself and laugh/cry to God. It had never been put so bluntly in my face how He must feel about me as a person…you know, when He’s trying to get my attention? It’s been very difficult for me to hear Him or even feel His presence the past few months, although I’ve felt very close to Him, if that’s possible at the same time! I know I seem so stubborn to Him sometimes too but He still loves me, gently reminds me of that love and patiently waits for me to get still and listen to Him! The things I have to teach Kristin are important and she needs to listen but I don’t tend to stress so much when she can’t because I can so relate! Instead I decided to work on my own problem of not being still so I can listen better to my Heavenly Father! Just a reminder: “BE STILL!!!!”


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