Country Life provides lots of little lessons

Posted: January 28, 2009 in Just Me
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country-lifeLivin’ among all the tics, spiders, poison ivy, turtles, snakes, dogs getting loose & sweet neighbors loading them up & returning them to us, baby foals being birthed across the street, cows meandering over into our yard, wild horses crossing over into our pond to visit, nature walks to pet the donkey & calf down the street, horse wranglin’ stray horses back into pastures to avoid “playin’ in the traffic”, stray doggies following our daughter home, a son who does acrobats on his bike down the hill and into the front pasture gate crashing into it, dirty kids playin’ outside for hours, lots & lots of yardwork for all – that’s our life out here in the country & we’re lovin’ it out here! The Fun never ends! We are so blessed!

It’s so funny but I started this post back in November of 2007, yeah, quite awhile back.  Why didn’t I come back to it sooner?   I guess it might have been living the very life I describe with such fondness is exactly the reason for keeping me away from finishing it. That’s so funny to me anyway.

Now, today (after 6 months of no employment for Scott),  I still feel, even after all the storms and darkness we’ve gone through and continue to trudge through daily, I still feel truly blessed when I look around and see our home and our precious gifts from God! I love coming home to the country and to “our little piece of heaven on earth”.

Our family has always cheerished time spent together as just the 4 of us.  Even today, with both of us working (me part time), the kids still home schooled, huge leaps of faith with income and Scott’s 100% commission based job, feeling at home once again in a God filled Church with a Bible believing preacher and Man of God, making real friends who care and love on us, a God given position of me teaching a class of Christian teens, the list goes on and on…’s so totally amazing and He is truly an Awesome God! Even today! Things may have changed but God saw fit to leave some of it the same – as a special gift to us and just one more way of showing His love to us! We didn’t lose our home, we did lose tv, cell phones, my spoiled state of being home all day with the kids, lots of time with Scott, (now he works full/full time), we did lose one sweet little puppy but what we gained far outweighed the losses. Maybe one day soon, in another blog, I can try to describe just what we did gain but you can know, that with God, “It’s all Good!”  He always provided for our needs! He was and continues to be faithful! His love was and is always evident! He has been our stronghold throughout all of this and we have learned to trust Him like we never could have had we never been through this journey!

“You give and take away. Still, I will choose to say: Blessed be the name of the Lord. Blessed be Your glorious name!”


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