Better Ending

Posted: January 2, 2009 in Family
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You know, dreading the first of the month has become a norm for us since my husband lost his job 6 months ago but fortunately, God gave us a praise for the 2nd, close enough to the 1st to count: Fannie Mac has approved something today that’s going to help us with our mortgage (finally), especially after calling and calling without any success in replies from our mortgage co.  We’ve spent the day trying to reach people who don’t want to be reached about our financial situation, dealt with some pretty rude people who shouldn’t be in their present jobs and argued with technical difficulties all to try to fax necessary documents to those special people in our lives! My hubby actually got some work done with his job, finally finessed all the specifics of his first sale in order to get the actual processing part of the payment accomplished, we think.  I managed to accomplish some tax prep stuff for our business and the kids were allowed to be kids and play some. We had a great time last night spending some much needed family time together playing some fun and fast games of Uno Flash and having party food for dinner to celebrate our dreaded January 1st. It turned out to be a better end to a hard day! Then we ended it with a movie and some rest for the weary.   So, thank you God for friends, thank you God for family, Thank you God for your perfect timing and for turning a hard situation into a softer one just by prompting my husband to mention his cell number:) This family does not believe in coincidences, we fully believe in our Abba – God! Just remembering to give God all the glory and praise once again in our crazy lives here in the country that we love.


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