Trusting His Faithfulness

Posted: December 10, 2008 in Just Me
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sunset1It’s been so long since I felt like even getting on my blog, let alone writing anything. So much has happened, good and bad! So much has changed but then some of it hasn’t changed abit for us! My husband still doesn’t have employment but let me tell you my latest story! God has placed me in a position, a couple of them to be exact, where He is continuing to show me His faithfulness, one thing after another! I love how I can count on Him to do what He promised He will do, in spite of me and how He has carried us for all these months! Not all of it has been easy, let me assure you, but at the new job I have, for about a month now, I’m constantly surrounded by scripture! I work in a Christian bookstore where I’m able to focus on His promises! My co-workers love God and are such a blessing in my life right now!  I also work with some great Christian teens with a class I teach with our Home School group! They give me hope for our future! He’s also allowed us to continue teaching our children at home instead of having to enroll them in public school. Although we’ve gone through so much sickness, more than ever before, we are somewhat healthy! We’re releasing things into His hands on almost a daily basis when it comes to doing away with tv, cell phones, etc. since money is only part time with my job. But we still have our home, vehicles and as you can tell, our internet. The most special parts of our lives are the animals and the love between the kids and those animals. Seeing that life and our kids’ smiles still around us is such a huge blessing!  God has brought us closer to each other and to Him as we continue to trust Him! Last Sunday, at church, our pastor, (whom we love dearly and are so thankful), preached on faith and what is means to have it! We need constant reminders that no problem is too big for Him! He sees the whole picture! We can rest in Him and His promises! When we give it over to Him, we can trust completely in His faithfulness and His promise to meet our needs and take such gentle care of us! We’re still praying for direction but knowing that He’s the One who has already paved that road for us, you know – the one we’re not the least bit aware of yet….we have a peace about what’s in store for us! I always go back to it but I love that verse where He wants the best for us: Jeremiah  29:11.  I cling to that verse and to His love for us! For me! I am thankful!

It’s been so hard for me to get in the holiday spirit, if it weren’t for the kids, who knows? But, gradually, I’m feeling that it’s more than what I can’t give to my family and instead… it’s more of what He gave for them, for us and our celebration of Him and His birth! The greatest gift of all! What a precious gift that I never deserved! Yet, He’s mine! How blessed I truly am! How convicting and how gently a reminder He sends my way….just another reason I love Him with all my heart and soul! He is indeed….”INDESCRIBABLE!”

Merry Christmas to all of you! Keep Christ in your Christmas, afterall, what would Christmas be without Him?!


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