Posted: June 18, 2008 in Just Me
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I remember reading one time, long ago, about a woman who swore she’d never even consider plastic surgery. Someone younger and “more beautiful” suggested she “do something” about all the scars that covered her body. She simply looked up into that little, naive face and smiled the sweetest smile as she proceeded to explain how each scar represented a time in her life that she didn’t wish to forget. She explained how if she had them removed, she was afraid she’d forget. “For instance”, she began, “this one scar here on my hand….” I think it was when she was putting a bike together for one of the kids as a Christmas surprise and the screwdriver slipped causing a big gouge in her hand. But the smile on that child the next morning took all the pain away. Another scar she cherished was the one on her ankle when she was playing with the kids at the lake and slipped on a broken tree trunk. The laughter that weekend made that pain bearable. I may not recall every scar she remembered but I especially remember the one on her stomach, you know those horrid stretch marks! Those were very special to her because those would remind her, no matter how old her children were, of the love and the sacrifice she was so willing to give in order to bring her babies into this world! There were many more scars on that precious lady and some had to do with lessons learned, chances taken, her children, her husband, the list goes on….but she was content wearing the scars of her life because they would be a reminder to her that she had lived and loved! My daughter likes to show me her scars sometimes and tell me their stories too. She’s remembering her life, even as short as it’s been. She’s only 7. But already, she remembers them with fondness. I think that’s pretty neat because she feels so blessed! Especially now, having just completed Max Lucado’s “He Chose the Nails”, I can’t help but think of Some One else’s scars that help me to remember…..I remember His love, His sacrifice, His pain, His willingness to suffer and wear the scars….. just for me! So, I’m going to look at my scars and remember that this body is only temporary and the real scars that matter are the ones my King had inflicted on Him so that one day I wouldn’t have my “scars”! When God looks at me, He doesn’t see my “scars”! He sees a precious jewel! That’s so amazing to me!!!!!

  1. Kim Darnell says:

    That’s awesome! Thanks, LeeAnne!

  2. striae says:

    That is an interesting perspective to look at scars.

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