My Mother and Me

Posted: May 25, 2008 in Family

As I talked to my mom today on the phone, I got to thinking about her as a little girl.

My cousin just happened to send this to me the other day & I just love it.

See, this was before she had her stroke, years before! When she had a voice of a sweet, little girl.

Left to right: Me, as a 3 year old.

My mom at age 2

This was when she didn’t have a care in the world but what to play next. Now, she has to think, so hard, about every word she wants to say & make sure that it’s what she really means. We used to spend hours on the phone talking and laughing. I was her best friend at one time when I was a kid. Even though that was hard some times, it was also very special!

She has 2 other daughters too. Each of us very different, yet alike when it comes to how much we love our mom. She’ll always be “Mommy” to me. We may not “talk” a lot now but we still laugh, even more! I still pray that God will, one day, give my mom back her voice so I can hear her say complete sentences to me again! I miss her so much! I miss the closeness! But, I can thank God: that with this tragic event, came so much laughter, a renewed love between our parents, a chance for my entire family to be reunited in SC – thanks to some very special people who paid my way, a new understanding of who she is to each of us, a strength in each of us that had to surface, a stronger love that binds us together as the Johnsons forever!

So, thank you God, for this heart wrenching time in our lives, for saving our mother, for sparing her life, for her very difficult “I….LOVE….YOU!” before she hangs up.

I am so blessed to be able to call her “Mommy”!

  1. Kim Darnell says:

    How special, LeeAnne. I’m so sorry about your mom. What a great post…I hope she gets to read it.

  2. LeeAnne says:

    Thanks. Maybe my dad can read it to her.

  3. fiona says:

    oh my goodness…Kristin looks JUST like you!! what a sweet post.

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